Revamp Restyle Reveal


Thanks Meera (Arty Home) for sending everyone over to read my Revamp Restyle Reveal blog post next!

It's no secret that I love Instagram and the boundless opportunities that come from it if you're willing to grab them. So when I was offered one of the ten blogger spots on Revamp Restyle Reveal I said YES PLEASE! I decided to revamp my ten year old son Theo's room as it hadn't been touched since he was a baby and still had a Cath Kidston 'Cowboy' theme going on (which I still love, by the way!). The Revamp Reveal Restyle sponsors all very kindly allowed us to select products from their websites to an agreed budget. This was great as we were then able to work with products we genuinely loved. So after a summer spent poring over their websites, we made our choices and got started at the beginning of September.


Theo's wish list - grey, a bigger bed with built in lighting, a desk, some vinyls on the wall.

My wish list - something neutral but fun, that could be updated easily as he gets older without redecorating. As always, I wanted it to be a bit different to any other boys room I'd seen already, with a bit of a seventies, retro feel to it.


We chose Earthborn Paints 'Cats Cradle' as the main colour -  a perfect mid grey. The room is small so I wanted to employ a few tricks to make the room seem larger and painting a line along the wall creates an illusion of space. We chose white for the top half of the wall as it's an obvious space creating colour. 


We painted all the walls Earthborn Paint - White at first and then drew a line along the wall with a spirit level and a pencil. We had to be careful with the line as the house is 120 years old and consequently there's not a single reliable striaght edge!

The paint went on like a dream- the white is a lovely, warm off white and the grey only took ONE coat to cover the walls. Thanks Earthborn for giving me the chance to try out your paint - I absolutely loved the shades and the quality of the paint.

We loved the line effect and it immediately made the room feel larger and airier. It also gave us the solution we needed for a bookcase for Theo. We had an old one knocking about that was destined for firewood. Rob had the genius idea of painting the bookcase in exactly the same way as the wall and of course it worked a treat. I'm just mad jealous that it wasn't my idea!


We chose the Arvid Metal and Wood Pendant Lamp from Maison Du Monde as the main light for the bedroom. I like these sort of pendant lamps as they cross over a number of genres - they work well in an industrial scheme for instance but also look great in a mid century room or a Scandi inspired room. I love these sort of multi-role accessories. The pendant is quite large for the room but I think that's fine - I also think that playing with scale helps to make a room look larger. Again, I'd never tried Maison Du Monde products before but I was really impressed by their wide product range, prices and customer service.


Next up we assembled the solid oak Ghost desk that we'd chosen from Maison Du Monde. Rob is an engineer so is very precise about following instructions and he was very impressed with the assembly instructions for the desk and the letter coded kit bags!


Once assembled, it fitted right in and immediately added a classy, grown up vibe to the room.

Theo starts senior school next year so it was really important for him to have a special work space. AO came up trumps brilliantly with a Hewlett Packard laptop for his school work and he's totally over the moon with it. In fact, all the kids are fighting over it!


We ditched the old Ikea wardrobe in favour of the Winston Metal Clothes Rack from Maison Du Monde. I love the idea of having clothes on display (I think I must have been a visual merchandiser in a former life) instead of hidden in wardrobes. However, it took up too much room and with hindsight, hanging clothes for boys is a waste of time as they always immediately trash them anyway. He has clothes storage in his chest of drawers and now in vintage trunks under his bed too. The clothes rack will be absolutely perfect in my thirteen year old daughter's room, which I'm doing next.

Talking of storage - as the bookshelf had been, in my opinion, such a roaring success we decided to revamp an old chest of drawers in the same way. It was already black so we just painted the carcass in 'Cats Cradle' and left the drawer fronts black, like the blackboard.


This chest of drawers was tip-bound from a house clearance years ago, so I rescued it for my first house and painted it peach! Don't judge me! Since then it's been lilac, white, orange, black and now grey! It's a good, solid piece of post war furniture so why chuck it away when you can make it fit in with any new scheme with a lick of paint?

At this point it was obvious that the orange pine bed stood out like a sore thumb next to our glorious grey and the sophisticated oak of the desk. So, at the last minute, and with only two days of the project to go, I decided to paint the bed!


At the same time, Cheltenham friend Catherine Colebrook sent me a picture of her son's door which she'd previously painted two tone like our bookshelf. One look and I KNEW I had to do the same on Theo's door- and of course, why not the window too for continuity? Rob was incredulous and issued me with dire warnings about absolutely not painting the door with the line thing because the floor drops there (remember - no straight lines in this house) and ends of the line won't meet when joined up. Then he went away on a course with work. So I did it anyway! 


So Monday and Tuesday was spent frantically painting the bed, the skirting boards and the door in Cat's Cradle. Rob was right - the lines didn't join up but I've disguised it in the door frame! Rob is not happy. But I am - I've been using the same 5L tin of Cats Cradle for the whole room and I've still got loads left! Painting the skirting boards is another great way of adding the illusion of height and space into a room - the eye goes all the way to the floor, rather than stopping at the skirting board.


Once all the painting was done we began to dress the room. The beautiful, modern but timeless Muuto 'Leaf' light from Amara was placed on the Ghost desk from Maison Du Monde and looks so elegant.


We also added the Santiago Leather Armchair in Camel from Maison Du Monde. This is for Theo to use as a reading spot and it's butterfly shape is also another one of those iconic designs that fits into lots of design schemes.


Finally, we added orange and yellow accessories for colour and fun, removable skateboad shelves for practicality and fun, an old camera, old discs onto the wall at Theo's request and some LED strip lighting under the bed for night time mood lighting.


Customer Feedback - Theo Campling,aged 10.

'Mum, I knew this would be good but it really exceeded my expectations'. (Awwwww!)

'Mum, you and dad have worked so hard on my room, it's made me feel really special'. (I think my eyes are leaking a bit).

'Mum, you and Dad have worked really well together on this project, you ought to work together more often!' (Yikes!!)

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