It's no secret that I'm a big fan of my bed. There's nothing I like more than an early night with a cup of tea and a good book. I'd like to say that this habit has crept up on me as I've got older but the truth is I've always been like this and have always much preferred snuggling at home than going out. Woolroom certainly picked the right person when they asked me to choose some items from their 100% wool bedding to range review! I chose pillows, a mattress protector and a duvet and got to work with lots of lovely early nights! I like to take my work seriously!


The Mattress Protector.

We chose a mattress protector rather than a topper as we already have a built in memory foam topper on our mattress, The protector is lovely and padded and immediately added a layer of comfort that I didn't realise I needed and wasn't really expecting. It makes the bed feel a lot more luxurious and expensive, like a bed in a high end hotel.

The Duvet

We chose a Classic Wool Duvet - Light, as neither of us likes to be hot at night. The duvet feels lovely - thick and luxurious but is not heavy on your body. The 100% natural sheeps wool regulates your temperature so that you feel cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. I'd say that we definitely experienced this benefit. I haven't woken up feeling too hot or too cold once since using this duvet (but I have been woken up due to sleepwalking kids and wriggly dogs, as usual!)



The Pillows.

We received two pillows from Woolroom. My husband is super happy to have both of them as he loves to sleep on several pillows at a time. He loves the density of the pillows and the way they stay at a constant temperature.


So, after seven nights of sleep in with my The Wool Room bedding I am very happy to report that we have defintely slept well! We don't don't feel too hot or too cold - we feel just right. Is this the Goldilocks effect? The bedding feels sumptuous and luxurious and the mattress protector makes us feel like we're sleeping on a cloud. I even managed an unplanned sleep in on Sunday morning which is rare for me. There is one negative of owning Woolroom bedding though and that is that it spoils you! I had to spend one night away in a less than salubrious hotel bed this week and I felt every single lump and bump in that bed - I'm sure I wouldn't have been such a 'Princess and the Pea' before my Woolroom bedding came along! 

This is a sponsored post for Woolroom.