Christmas Wrapping with Primark

Christmas is rolling around again with it’s parties, meals and gifts and all the expense that goes with it!

However, wrapping your gifts and making them look wow really doesn’t have to be expensive! Primark recently asked me to try out their Christmas gift wrap range so I popped into my local Primark in Cheltenham for a lovely browse and picked up all of this delicious wrapping for under a tenner. I tried to pick a good mix in order to suit all tastes.

Primark Wrapping Paper - 10 metre rolls - £1.50 - £2 per roll.

Primark Wrapping Paper - 10 metre rolls - £1.50 - £2 per roll.


The Elf wrapping paper is perfect for wrapping gifts for kids (young and old!) and is £2 for a 10 metre roll. I wrapped my gift, added red ribbon and then, picking up on the Elf theme and colour scheme, added red, yellow and green Pom Poms to the gift tag. These poms poms are available from any craft store and you just simply glue them in with PVA glue. In the film ‘Elf’, the elves love to eat candy canes so I used this motif to add something extra to the gift wrap too. The candy cane Christmas tree ornament featured here is from Primark, it you can buy the sweet versions inexpensively online. The added bonus of these of course is that the recipient of the gift receives extra gifts as part of the wrapping.



Gold wrapping paper is always a classy statement and you can make it even classier by adding ribbon and evergreen embellishments.


Simply snip some evergreen from your hedge or the local park - it will last for ages. I also used a tag and gold stickers from the Primark range to make a personalised label - Mums always love that sort of thing.

 Fir Tree.

I love the Nordic look and bringing the outdoors indoors and Primark’s Fir Tree wrapping paper is a great one if you like this too. For this wrap, I used inexpensive garden twine instead of ribbon for a rustic look. I then popped out and snipped some dried cow parsley and grasses that grow abundantly on roadside verges. I tied a few bits of the dried foliage together with the garden twine and taped it to the gift.



Silver is another timeless classic that can be brought up bang to date with monochrome embellishments. For this gift I added black photo corners to the wrapped parcel and inserted a photo of myself to my mum, but you could add a picture of you and the recipient enjoying a happy moment together during the year. The photos can be in black and white to keep with the monochrome scheme, or have it printed in colour if you prefer. It’s a great way of using some of this photos on your phone camera roll and again the wrapping becomes part of the gift.


The camera bauble is also from Primark.

So, it’s pretty easy and inexpensive to make your Christmas gift wrap look more expensive than it actually is - get crafty with additional stationary or get outside with your secateurs - it’s fun!

This blog post is part of a paid partnership with Primark but, as always, all views are my own.