Christmas Decorating with Sainsbury's Home.

Do you use the same Christmas decorations, year in year out, or do you like to upgrade every Christmas? If you’re anything like me then you’ll like the best of both worlds - to keep all of your old favourites and then add a few new pieces each year.

This Christmas, Sainsbury’s Home have come up with three exciting new ranges - Winter’s Mist, Santa’s Town & Very Merry and Woodland Christmas - so you’re bound to find something that will fit right in with your existing favourites.

Winter’s Mist

The Winters Mist range is all about whites and silvers. It’s a paired back, fresh and natural look with hints of green. It’s a timeless look but it never dates or looks old fashioned and, as it’s so natural and simple, it’s easy to mix and match pieces of Winters Mist with other looks.

Winters Mist.jpg

My favourites from the Winters Mist range are the Star Candles. I absolutely love the silvered glass container which both reflects the candle light and allows the glow of the candle to show through - the best of both worlds and perfect for creating a grown up sparkle on your Christmas table. The star shape too is an absolute classic and will add interest to any existing glass or star shaped decorations you already have.


A also particularly love the faux eucalyptus garland and wreath which are a great way of decorating your table or draping around the house. It goes with the Winter’s Mist look but can be used to add greenery to any Christmas look. The benefit of faux of course is that it last all Christmas without wilting, as real foliage would, and you can use it year after year.


No Christmas is complete without christmas crackers of course and these silver and white dinner crackers will complete the Winters Mist look perfectly.

Santa’s Town and Very Merry
The Santa’s Town and Very Merry range is great fun and perfect for adding to your collection if you have children or are a dog lover. The colours are a bright and playful take on the traditional Christmas colours of red, green and white with a splash of turquoise.


The decorations can be used to hang on your Christmas tree of course or you could put a twist on tradition by using them as napkin rings,

Pug Table.png

To add to your Santa’s Town & Very Merry look you could use traditional candles or you could use these gorgeous and fun light up cloches which are obviously safer than candles.


I’ve used Bingo Christmas Crackers to style my grown up Very Merry look or you could use these Selfie Game Crackers if you’re entertaining children instead.

Woodland Christmas

The Woodland Christmas range is all about my favourite Christmas look - a rustic, foraged Christmas. There are lots of use of different wooden textures, dried and woody foliage and greenery. It’s the easiest Christmas look to achieve as lots of the accessories can be obtained simply by foraging in your local park or woods. Colours are muted greens, browns and rusts and it’s a very soothing, grown up look.


To help you to achieve this look use rustic accessories such as the Sainsbury’s Home mini Christmas tree, Woodland wreath and Woodland baubles.

Complete your look candles in your Christmas wreath with these tartan Christmas crackers.


So whatever your taste, Sainsbury’s Home has Christmas accessories to suit or to add to your existing collection.