Further adventures with Aviva investments

A few weeks ago, I spent some time with Alistair McQueen from Aviva where I learned about investing. 

During our chat I realised that investing for the future was not only doable, it was actually extremely easy with Wealthify at Aviva. And as someone who has not always been the best at dealing with finance and administration this was music to my ears! 


 So, after chatting to Rob we decided to take our first step and invest. When you enter the website you’re first step is to input your investment goals – what do you want to aim for? We’ve decided that money for home improvements is the goal for our investment as we want to convert our garage into a studio (well I do anyway, Rob is less keen to give to the beloved workshop space he uses twice a year 😑🙄😂). 


You’re then asked to decide how much to invest upfront and how much to pay in monthly. As we’re new to this we settled on £300 upfront and £50 per month to start with. You can change any of this at any time just by using the slider on the website.

We then had to decide how long to invest for. We decided on 10 years. Again, you just use the slider to select the number of years - and you can change this at any time as well. 

It was a very simple decision to choose ‘Ethical’ as our investment theme and there was plenty of information at our fingertips about the blend of environmentally and socially responsible companies that Wealthify work with. 

Our final decision was around how adventurous our investment style is - from ‘Cautious’ through to ‘Adventurous’. There is a questionnaire that really helps you decide between the five optionsWe settled on ‘Cautious’, again because we’re new to this and Al explained that there is always some risk when it comes to investing. Investments can go down as well as up in value so we could get back less than we put in.

I have to say that I can’t actually believe that I’m talking about investing as it’s something I normally shy away from! The website made it so easy.

You then see several whizzy graphs showing you where your money will be invested and there’s lots of further information available at the click of an ‘i’ button should you want it. I felt that the information given was very clear and honest without being too detailed or overwhelming. 

Anyway, our investment journey has started! Whether I get my new studio space or not, I now feel much better equipped to work out what I need to do to achieve my financial goals in the future. 

To find out more about starting your own investment journey click here 

This is a Paid Partnership with Aviva UK.